Where does ‘Hijump’ come from

In a time before I owned my own gaming PC, I used to go to an internet cafe to first get into World of Warcraft as well as dabble in a few games that were popular with my friends like DotA and Counter Strike: Source (CS:S). One day we decided to play CS:S on one of my favorite modded maps, ScoutzKnives. On this map you only have a scout rifle and a knife. It’s a game mode where you can either flail for hours or seem like an untouchable god. At the time I was more in line with the former. The map also has zero gravity, so major antics can and do ensue.

I loaded into a random server and peaked outside the doorway to line up a three person headshot. My shot was so successful that I was immediately accused of hacking and banned from the server. It feels pretty good to be accused of hacking due your skill, but as a very novice player, it was incredible.

At the time, as most young gamers do, I was cycling through different screen names, still unsure of what I wanted my online identity to be. On that fateful day I landed the perfect shot and was accused of hacking, I was playing as “Hijump”. I never did the sport of high jump, despite the name being a play of the two words, I just liked the way it looked and sounded. Aesthetically I liked the lowercase i next to the lowercase j with their two dots together.

Immediately after I was banned from the server my mind raced with dreams of being a legend, the kind of player so skilled that they get banned for being as good as a hack. From that moment on Hijump became my handle across all the games I played. I wanted my name to be known for quality plays and high achievement.